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The Great Saint Bernard Region

Many tourists are pleasantly seduced...

The road leading to the Great St Bernard Tunnel crosses interesting tourist regions both along its southern and its northern stretch. Many tourists are pleasantly seduced by the numerous attractions: Great St Bernard Pass, excursions, winter and summer sports, fauna, flora, gastronomy, history, local crafts and folklore. On the southern side lies the Aosta Valley with its picturesque villages: Saint-Rhémy-en-Bosses, Saint-Oyen, Étroubles, Allein, Doues and Gignod in an unspoilt environment, and the Great St Bernard Ski Area resorts: Crévacol, Flassin and Étroubles. The original buildings with their characteristic thick stone roofs (lose), genuine food and wholehearted reception make this itinerary all the more tempting.

The city of AOSTA, founded by the Romans, is interesting for its history, art and gastronomy.
By continuing your drive along the motorway you can reach Turin, Milan, Florence, Rome or the Cote d’Azur.

To the north lies the Canton of Valais with its quaint villages: Bourg-Saint-Pierre, Liddes, Orsières, Sembrancher. A few kilometres away are the famous winter and summer sports resorts of Super St-Bernard, Vichères, Verbier and Champex, and also MARTIGNY - a Roman Gaul city with its famous "Fondation Gianadda". Continuing along the way you encounter Montreux, Vevey and Lausanne.

Photo Gallery

Arco d'Augusto | Aosta

Saint-Rhémy-en-Bosses | Valle d'Aosta

Colle del Gran San Bernardo | Valle d'Aosta

Etroubles | Valle d'Aosta

Fondation Gianadda | Martigny

Liddes | Valais

Lac Leman | Suisse

Tour | Martigny

Musée Olympique | Lausanne

Bourg-Saint-Pierre | Valais

Saint-Oyen | Valle d'Aosta

Torino | Italia

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